Baseball Hitting Drill: Effortless Power

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Baseball Hitting Drill:

# 1 Way To Hitting For Consistent Power (Case Study) … We go over the # 1 method to pinch hit for constant power by examining one of my more youthful hitters Braden:

  • Before and after swing,
  • The Un-Weighting Principal, and
  • What baseball striking drill to deal with next.

Before & After Swing

It’s so enjoyable to see boys– like Braden– start to integrate in m
otion principals like Un-Weighting and discover an immediate jump in force at contact. I ask all my trainees, if you had to decide, would you rather get hit by a train going thirty miles-per-hour, or a motorcycle going sixty?

You see, the bike swing is extremely handsy, fast like a bike but no weight. The train swing utilizes heavy mass and the slower rotational speed of the upper body to pack a wallop at impact.

I’m working with Braden on tossing his body mass at the ball. Much like a projectile rocket. This helps to make the bat feel lighter to the player. And be able to turn harder with less muscle participation. The swing is a transfer of energy. We’re taking the potential energy contained in the hitter’s body, and getting it to move to the barrel. Then we efficiently shift this moving energy into the inbound baseball.

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What Baseball Hitting Drill to Work on Next?

Braden is doing well with his footwork– with the exception of ensuring his lower half is primarily open at the Fight Position (landing). We’ll be getting him to tap into the natural springy impact of his upper body. I call it the Catapult Loading System. How the swing is packed is a challenging principle for the majority of players to comprehend because their focus is on the wrong things:

  • Not every fantastic MLB player leaves their hands.
  • And not every fantastic MLB hitter is swinging as efficiently as they can.
  • We tend to study the incorrect hitters.
  • And the electronic camera view matters.

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