The Two Players in Every Hitter | Confident Hitter and Non-Confident Hitter

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Coach Steve Springer–developer of Quality At Bats Academy–says that no matter who you are, at any level, there are two players in every hitter.

You have a confident player who’s a really good player, and you have a non-confident player who sucks! So how do we get the confident player to show up every single day–even in the game where you do everything right and go 0-4?

This is where the mental traps are. If you don’t get a great mental game, you will under achieve. Do these four things every day:

  1. Walk to the plate with confidence.
  2. Know you are going to hit the ball hard.
  3. Attack the inside part of the pitch you hunting.
  4. On game night… help your team win.

If you can get good at these 4 things, the right player is going to be playing. Now it’s a choice. Play with the “opening day mentality.” Play like every day is opening day. That way there is no yesterday beating you up. It’s not about you, it’s about helping your team.

If you do everything right, and baseball still says you suck, you have to change your mind about what you think success is.

It’s not about getting hits. Think about it. Baseball is 9 against 1, so why should I think I’m going to get a hit every time. If I’m the pitcher, I’m ticked off when you GET a hit with those odds!

Have attainable goals… daily goals. Let’s make this game fun again. If you don’t go 1-20 or 1-30 at some point, you haven’t played long enough. The key is to not let that 1-20 mentality play today. That guy sucks! He’s not very good.

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