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The Two Players in Every Hitter | Confident Hitter and Non-Confident Hitter

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Coach Steve Springer–developer of Quality At Bats Academy–says that no matter who you are, at any level, there are two players in every hitter.

You have a confident player who’s a really good player, and you have a non-confident player who sucks! So how do we get the confident player to show up every single day–even in the game where you do everything right and go 0-4?

This is where the mental traps are. If you don’t get a great mental game, you will under achieve. Do these four things every day:

  1. Walk to the plate with confidence.
  2. Know you are going to hit the ball hard.
  3. Attack the inside part of the pitch you hunting.
  4. On game night… help your team win.

If you can get good at these 4 things, the right player is going to be playing. Now it’s a choice. Play with the “opening day mentality.” Play like every day is opening day. That way there is no yesterday beating you up. It’s not about you, it’s about helping your team.

If you do everything right, and baseball still says you suck, you have to change your mind about what you think success is.

It’s not about getting hits. Think about it. Baseball is 9 against 1, so why should I think I’m going to get a hit every time. If I’m the pitcher, I’m ticked off when you GET a hit with those odds!

Have attainable goals… daily goals. Let’s make this game fun again. If you don’t go 1-20 or 1-30 at some point, you haven’t played long enough. The key is to not let that 1-20 mentality play today. That guy sucks! He’s not very good.

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The Mental Side of Hitting | Steve Springer

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The mental side is the most important side of baseball–always has been, always will be.

In this video, we see Coach Steve Springer–founder of Quality At Bats Academy–coaching a group of high school baseball players at a UC-Irvine camp about how we can mentally “get out of our own way.”

At the end of the video, you will see Steve doing some baseball hitting drills, soft toss, and work off a tee with some minor-league prospects. You will also see Steve Springer do some drills himself.

Steve will also cover attacking the inside part of the baseball and hitting the ball properly, having a tall backside, having slow feet, fast hands, and a quiet head.

In this video, Steve is working with Hank Conger with the California Angels and David Nick with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Steve has been coaching each of these two men since they were 12 and 13 years old. Both players talk about the mental side of the game and how important it is to get that right.

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The BIGGEST Mistake Baseball Parents Make | Steve Springer

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According to Steve Springer–founder of Quality at Bats Academy–Little League Baseball is the number one self-esteem destroying sport in the world.

What is the biggest mistake parents make? It’s the pressure parents put on their kids.

Steve, who is an avid tennis player, recently met the boyfriend of his doubles partner, and the first thing out of his mouth was, “I’m coaching my 7-year-old’s travel team.” To which, Springer replied, “you know that you’re coaching the number one self-esteem destroying sport in the world, right?”

The man looks surprised. “What do you mean by that?” He asked.

“Let’s say your seven year old makes an error out on the field. He wants to cry, but he can’t in front of his teammates. The other team is cheering, and he doesn’t know how to feel about that. The coach is yelling at him, and that’s you. On top of that, he has to ride home in the car with you. He’s not a pro ball-player. He wants some ice cream… he’s seven!”

Some time later, Steve Springer was in Huntington Beach watching a friend play ball with the Angels when he runs into the little league coach from a few months before. The man walks right up to Steve and says, “you changed my life!”

Steve asked, “what are you talking about?”

He responded, “when you told me my kid was playing the number one self-esteem destroying sport in the world, you hit me right between the teeth.” He said, “I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t even talk. Thank God we got interrupted. Two months later now, I’m the most positive coach on the field. When I hear another coach or a parent yell at a seven year old, I cringe. Me and my son go get an ice cream after the game. You were right!”

The guy then goes on to say that his ex-wife is hitting him up wanting to get re-married!

The game of baseball is going to beat our kids up enough. We don’t need a coach, a parent, or other teammates beating our kids up, too. Build your kids up! You want them playing when they get their “man body.”

We want them to go from playing with tension, anxiety, and pressure to playing with calmness, toughness, and focus–creating a little bit of “funness.”

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Baseball Hitting Drill: Effortless Power

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Baseball Hitting Drill:

# 1 Way To Hitting For Consistent Power (Case Study) … We go over the # 1 method to pinch hit for constant power by examining one of my more youthful hitters Braden:

  • Before and after swing,
  • The Un-Weighting Principal, and
  • What baseball striking drill to deal with next.

Before & After Swing

It’s so enjoyable to see boys– like Braden– start to integrate in m
otion principals like Un-Weighting and discover an immediate jump in force at contact. I ask all my trainees, if you had to decide, would you rather get hit by a train going thirty miles-per-hour, or a motorcycle going sixty?

You see, the bike swing is extremely handsy, fast like a bike but no weight. The train swing utilizes heavy mass and the slower rotational speed of the upper body to pack a wallop at impact.

I’m working with Braden on tossing his body mass at the ball. Much like a projectile rocket. This helps to make the bat feel lighter to the player. And be able to turn harder with less muscle participation. The swing is a transfer of energy. We’re taking the potential energy contained in the hitter’s body, and getting it to move to the barrel. Then we efficiently shift this moving energy into the inbound baseball.

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What Baseball Hitting Drill to Work on Next?

Braden is doing well with his footwork– with the exception of ensuring his lower half is primarily open at the Fight Position (landing). We’ll be getting him to tap into the natural springy impact of his upper body. I call it the Catapult Loading System. How the swing is packed is a challenging principle for the majority of players to comprehend because their focus is on the wrong things:

  • Not every fantastic MLB player leaves their hands.
  • And not every fantastic MLB hitter is swinging as efficiently as they can.
  • We tend to study the incorrect hitters.
  • And the electronic camera view matters.

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