Pitchers | How to Add 5-10 mph to Your Fastball Immediately

Brent Pourciau–creator of the Top Velocity pitching program–is here to show you how the velocity study by NPA reveals that 20% of your overall velocity comes from the linear movement. Because of that, many people want to discredit linear movements, because only 20% of the speed comes from it–leaving 80% coming from rotation or hip-to-shoulder separation.

This figure was discovered by having pitchers sit on their knees and throwing from their knees. When they did that, they threw 80% of their velocity.

In this video, Coach Brent shows you how this works. Not only that, but he demonstrates how adding in the linear movements is the key to getting you that final 10-20 mph on your fastball.

Brent starts off by demonstrating his overall velocity, which he qualifies by saying that he is almost 40 years old and has not been training. The pitch clocks in at 80 mph.

He then throws from the knees as was done in the NPA study. This pitch registers 64 mph.

Next, Coach Brent pitches from a full stride to demonstrate the added velocity when he includes hip-to-shoulder separation. The pitch is 73 mph.

Finally, he does a full rotation pitch, which he throws 82 mph.

So Brent’s quick assessment of the study shows that he lost 20% of his velocity by throwing from the knees–eliminating all linear movement. The 73 mph pitch from a full stride had him at 90% of full velocity.

The point is this: we cannot discredit the power of that last 20%. So if you want to be throwing a 95 mph fastball, you’re going to have to be at 76 on a knee… but that’s not enough. That hip-to-shoulder separation and other linear movement is very likely where you’ll gain that last 10-20 mph to get you where you want to be. It is that last 5-10 mph that can take a pitcher from good to scout-worthy. Coach Brent hammers on this fact in all his training. We have secured a discounted rate for our readers. CLICK HERE for a special offer!


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